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Sima Chaters orders a second CTruk 20T multi-purpose catamaran

News International-French

4 Jul 2013

The new 18.5m composite workboat, to be named SC Falcon, is expected to join Sima Charters’ expanding fleet of offshore tender boats in February 2014.

Sima Charters first CTruk 20T, SC Buzzard, has worked on CWind contracts on London Array and Gwynt y Mor Offshore Wind Farms since its delivery in November last year, enjoying positive client feedback.

Mr Lievaart, owner of Sima Charters, initially chose the CTruk 20T for its fuel-efficiency and the inherent flexibility of the design, with a (patent-applied) moveable wheelhouse and flexible modular pod system meaning the boat can reconfigure to meet the varied challenges of offshore wind support work.

Ben Simpson, CTruk MD, commented, ‘The fact that experienced vessel operators are firstly choosing CTruk - and then going on to order more of our composite workboats is testament to the company’s  drive to innovate in this sector. We entered the market in 2010 to provide a safer, better, faster and more cost-effective alternative OWSV and three years on, with 12 vessels at work 24/7 around the UK and more in production, we continue to enhance this popular 20T design. We look forward to working with Ruud and Sima Charters again on SC Falcon.’

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