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Simpleware release its version 6.0

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2 Aug 2013

Simpleware announce that version 6.0 of the Simpleware software suite has been released.

This release of Simpleware’s image visualisation, analysis and model generation software suite introduces the new ribbon user interface and many other exciting new features that will accelerate the process of segmenting and meshing 3D image data.

New and improved features of version 6.0 include:

  • New ribbon user interface:

The new ribbon user interface is easy to learn and guides users intuitively through the workflow of import, image processing, measurements, visualisation and mesh creation. Easy access to tools increases efficiency and reduces learning curves, and the new Welcome Screen allows users to quickly find recent projects, import options and help resources.

  • New boundary layers and meshing features:

Simpleware now generates boundary layers and provides mesh clipping for the creation of custom CFD inlets/outlets.Version 6.0 also provides several new meshing features (such as Curved quadratic elements and Tet-to-hex converter) to improve accuracy and ensure that the mesh fulfils all simulation requirements.

  • New macro recording:

The new macro recording capabilities simplify the process of automating workflows by creating flexible scripts reflecting the operations performed. The simple to use macro recording interface translates actions into programming code and also allows users to quickly copy and paste logged actions into script.

  • Better segmentation and statistics:

The new snake tool detects mask boundaries with user-defined greyscale sensitivity which speeds up segmentation of low contrast image data. Improved statistics now also work on specific Regions of Interest (ROIs) of the image which give users even greater flexibility when working with mask and model statistics.

About Simpleware:
Simpleware develops industry software solutions for the conversion of 3D images (as obtained from MRI, CT, Micro-CT for example) into high quality Finite Element, CAD and Rapid Prototyping models.