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Simulation of distortion in thermoset composites

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27 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - ESI Group will highlight the newly released application PAM-DISTORTION that completes its existing composites manufacturing simulation chain, PAM-FORM and PAM-RTM, already adopted by the automotive, aeronautic and energy industries. 

PAM-DISTORTION allows the prediction, and consequently the correction, of geometrical shape distortions observed in thermoset composites parts after demoulding. These corrections can be implemented as an optimization of process parameters such as the cure temperature, for instance, or a geometrical compensation of the mould. Thanks to an iterative simulation approach, distortions can be treated upfront in the development process, before any trial, with a drastic reduction of development time and cost as the main objective.

The uniqueness of ESI Group’s proposition lies in its 40 years’ expertise in the modelling of the physics of materials and the integration of PAM-DISTORTION in an integrated composites manufacturing simulation chain that makes it possible to transfer material history (local shearing, thickness, temperature, degree of cure, fibre content, etc.) from the preforming stage up to spring-in analysis, for example. To prevent distortions, a compensation of the mould can also be required. In this case, it is important to check that the new geometry will not generate new defects in other stages of the process. This is where the ability to simulate the entire manufacturing chain makes sense.

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