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A single analyzer for DMA, fatigue and curing tests

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2 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - DMA+300 is the latest instrument within the DMA+ series of Metravib dynamic mechanical analyzers.

It combines the capabilities of a dynamic testing machine, a tensile machine, a DMA and a rheometer.

It can be used to perform:
- DMA tests: Tg determination, viscoelastic properties measurement, and their dependence to frequency, temperature, strain, etc. for most polymer-based materials;
- Fatigue tests of materials specimens and industrial components;
- Curing follow up for uncured thermoset polymers;
- Crack growth tests on polymer films;
- Tensile, compression, creep and stress relaxation tests.

The DMA+300 includes a 300-newton air bearing electrodynamic shaker in a brand-new high-rigidity, one-piece test frame.

The benefit is a high ability to control thermo-mechanical test conditions with a high reliability over unique analysis ranges: stiffness up to 7-decade variations, frequency from 0.00001Hz up to 1kHz, temperatures ranging from -150°C to 500°C.

The DMA+300 provides unique capabilities for the analysis of fine or wide variations in the mechanical properties of materials such as fibres, polymers or polymerization of thermosetting polymer films. It is a powerful and versatile tool for research and R&D, particularly suitable for the analysis of mechanical properties of reinforced polymer materials and for life and performance prediction for industry.

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