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A single composite panel for an amphibious vehicle top deck

News International-French

27 Jan 2015

Morgan Advanced Materials' Composites & Defence Systems business manufactures a 2,5m diameter top deck section in a single piece for Gibbs Technologies' amphibious vehicle.

A solution from Morgan Advanced Materials is at the heart of an innovative amphibious vehicle with applications across many markets.

Gibbs Humdinger Vehicle Gibbs Technologies Ltd, based at Nuneaton in the UK, is one of the leaders in amphibious technology, having developed the Aquada, a high-speed amphibious vehicle, and the Quadski, a combination of a quad bike and jet ski.

Its latest project is the Humdinga, a 22-foot (6.7 metre) long utility vehicle available in three- and six-seater configurations making it ideal for personal, commercial and first responder use.

As with any vehicle intended for use in water, minimising the number of panels used in its construction reduces the number of potential leak points and so helps to protect critical internal components.

In tandem with this, the material used for the construction must be lightweight, rigid and able to maintain its integrity in demanding and often rapidly changing physical conditions.

The Gibbs team wanted a single panel for the 2.5m-diameter top deck section, which not only contained a variety of tight engineering tolerances, but needed to be able to cope with the weight of seats, crew, equipment and cargo, while remaining watertight.

Gibbs turned to Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites & Defence Systems business, based locally to Gibbs in Coventry. Morgan’s investment in large autoclaves meant it could construct and manufacture the composite component in a single piece, retaining optimum compatibility with CAD information supplied by Gibbs.

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