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Single presents new ATT features

News International-French

28 Aug 2012

Single Temperiertechnik GmbH of Hochdorf/Germany release new features of its energy-efficient ATT Alternating Temperature Technology for the first time. This new functionality introduces more versatility to the production of composite parts.

The new ATT features introduce more versatility to the production of composite parts. Innovative user-defined time setting for activating several valve modules per system and free selection of maximum or minimum temperatures per mould section are part of the new set of features. This way, the energy consumption of the temperature alternation process can be optimised. The new functionality is the result of research Single conducted in cooperation with Steinbeis Innovationszentrum Kunststofftechnik of Aalen university into the development of temperature-dependent control of injection moulding processes. The patent is pending.


The latest generation of ATT systems also offers a new data logging option: process parameters can be logged to a USB stick via an integrated USB interface.


Single has gathered experience in optimising foam injection moulding processes, in boosting the productivity of two-component and three-component rotating moulds and in operating with vertical moulds. This expertise is of major benefit for ATT customers from the composites industry.


Benefits of active alternating temperature control:

Single’s ATT active alternating temperature control offers benefits for composite production cycles that require fast temperature changes. Within seconds, ATT switches between two circuits with cooling fluids of different temperatures and actively heats or cools the mould. Single provides a wide variety of active alternating temperature control systems for temperatures of up to 200°C. They allow temperature changes of more than 100°C in mould inserts used in critical areas or in complete small moulds.


As an alternative, slow temperature changes in longer cycles can be achieved by standard temperature control systems: thanks to customised programming, these systems can change the temperature of the circulating medium from one temperature level to the next. This way, moulds used for composite production can be kept cool during the filling phase and warm during the curing phase.


About Single:

Single has been developing, producing and selling high-performance temperature control systems for more than forty years. The company’s product portfolio consists of water and oil-operated, high-quality temperature control systems, cooling technology as well as tailor-made and customised solutions. Single uses only top-quality components and materials. Long-standing customers testify to the ease-of-use and the reliable operation of Single systems even under a high workload.


Single offers a complete standard range of oil- and pressurised-water operated systems with maximum heating capacities of 144 kW and temperatures of between -40°C and +350°C. In addition to this, Single provides extensive engineering and caters to all phases of the process chain with systems from one source – from initial product conception, design, production and final assembly of temperature control technology systems right through to the installation’s initial operation.


In addition to plastics processors and manufacturers of plastics processing machines, Single caters to customers in the die-casting, chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as to the metal plating industry, the food production segment and is used for test bench technology and many more applications.


A network of regional sales partners and service points as well as subsidiaries in the US and China are the cornerstones of Single’s international presence. Services and after-sales support on all temperature-control related matters, commissioning and on- and off-site training complete Single’s portfolio. Single is certified to EN ISO 9001:2000, has technology and manufacturer certifications that meet the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) and complies with standards such as UL and regional directives to CSA and GOST.


The company, which employs about 140 people at its facility in Hochdorf near Stuttgart/Germany, has been a member of Looser Holding AG of Winterthur/Switzerland since 2006.