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Single-wall carbon nanotube-based masterbatches

News International-French

18 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - OCSiAl presents TUBALL, an additive that consists of more than 75% single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs).

OCSiAl is the first company to produce SWCNTs on a large scale for industrial applications. TUBALL™ is a highly effective additive that can change the material properties even at very low concentrations ranging from 0.01 to 0.1%.

The company has developed TUBALL™-based masterbatches for use in polymer materials: TUBALL™ PLAST_M to enhance mechanical properties such as tensile, flexural and impact strength; and TUBALL™ COMP_E that improves the electrical conductivity of composite materials without any reduction in mechanical strength.

OCSiAl also developed TUBALL™-based masterbatches and suspensions, respectively, for TCF (transparent conductive films), rubber goods and cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Masterbatches for aluminium, concrete, paints and other materials are under development.

TUBALL™-based industrial masterbatches provide drop-in improvements for key polymer materials without requiring manufacturing or process changes. They are the simplest and most effective path to nanomaterial integration.

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