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Sinofiber T700 carbon fiber project started construction

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21 May 2015

Sinofiber Technology (Sinofiber) T700 carbon fiber thousand ton project formally started construction in Changzhou High Tech District.

Chinese Academy of Engineer academician, Du Shanyi, the leaders of Changzhou city and High Tech district, and representative of Sinofiber attended the construction opening ceremony.

Sinofiber established in Changzhou High Tech District in 2008. The purpose was to carry out the T700 carbon fiber industrialization under the state 863 program. Ever since its inception, Sinofiber has built 2 T800 carbon fiber production lines and the domestic first hundred ton scale high strength carbon fiber production line and achieved stable batch production. In 2014, Sinofiber achieved 55 million Yuan (US$ 8.87 million) operation income.

This newly opening project has a total investment of over 300 million Yuan (US$ 48.30 million). It is estimated to be completed in 2017, after the project put into production, the production capacity will reach over thousand tons of T 700 carbon fiber, and the estimated annual sales revenue can breakthrough 1.5 billion Yuan (US$ 240 million).

It is understood that the T700 and T800 carbon fiber mainly used in the fields such as aviation, aerospace, energy saving building, ocean mining and exploration etc…

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