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Sinofibers Technology spotlighted by the Chinese media

News International-French

23 Nov 2016

Chinese media have widely reported statements by Yang Yonggang, president of Sinofibers Technology, a Chinese company based in Changzhou in the Jiangsu province, « specializing since 2008 in the production of high performance carbon fiber. »

Sinofibers Technology spotlighted by the Chinese media

« On September 27, said Yonggang Yang at a press conference, the Secretary of the Party Committee in the province of Jiangsu, Li Qiang, has encouraged us to become the 'business card' and a model for the domestic carbon fiber production industry. Last year, the company launched an extension project whose objective is an annual production of 1,000 tons of carbon fiber of grade equivalent T700, which should be operational in 2017. »

Currently, Sinofibers Technology says it counts two production lines of carbon fibers for a total of 1600 tons, as well as the first line of national production of high performance carbon fiber of the ZT7 series. The company declares to ensure production of ranks equivalent T300, T700 and T800 as well as M40J graphite fibers, « allowing it to break the technological monopoly held by the Japanese, the United States and Western Europe in high performance carbon fiber. »

Sinofibers Technology, which claims in 2015 a turnover of 150 million yuans (22 million US$), says it holds 8 patents of invention and 14 patents of application, and has been licensed for production and quality management of weaponry. Yang Yonggang also emphasized that « his innovative team in high performance carbon fiber in the aviation industry » has been honored by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.