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Sinomatech Wind Power Blade set to make a name for itself in China

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6 Apr 2011

New company Sinomatech Wind Power Blade is highly motivated to contribute to the development of China’s wind energy market. No time has been wasted in concluding agreements with foreign companies in order to acquire all the know-how needed to fulfill the Sinoma group’s objectives.

(Published on January - February 2008 – JEC Magazine #38)


Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise established by parent company Sinoma Science & Technology. The new company benefits from nearly 50 years of technology and experience in composite product research and development from Beijing FRP Research & Design Institute. With its high-level research, development and production team, Sinomatech Wind Power Blade specializes in the research, design, manufacture, sales, and technical service of wind-turbine blades and moulds.


Substantial means

The company has a 30,000m2 R&D centre in Beijing that focuses on economic and technological development in the field of blade design, testing and material research.


The mould production centre and blade-production demonstration line occupy 70,000 m2 in Beijing’s Badaling industrial development zone. The plant occupies 18,000 m2. Its current annual capacity is 10 sets of blade moulds and 200 sets of 1.5MW turbine blades.


Sinomatech is now acquiring the land around these brand-new buildings. The company’s plans for the blade production plant include an annual output of 1500 sets of MW-class turbine blades and capability for delivering turbine blades and moulds to international customers well as domestic ones. The plant is still getting into its stride, so production is not yet in full swing.




JEC Composites Magazine: what is driving Sinoma's policy today?

LIU YAN: Our driving force is our mission: promoting the development of the new-materials industry and advancing society technologically.


JCM: What are your company’s main targets?

L. Y.: The main target of Sinomatech is to become the most famous science and technology enterprise, to be respected by its customers, and trusted by its staff and shareholders in China’s materials industry.


JCM: Which is your target market?

L. Y.: Our target market is specialty fibre composites. Sinomatech is already, or soon will be established on large-scale industries such as CNG cylinders, highstrength glass fibre, wind-turbine blades, glass microfibre paper, automotive composites and glass-fibre-based hightemperature filtering materials.


JCM: Do you plan to invest?

L. Y.: According our five-year plan, Sinomatech will reinforce its investment dynamics in its main target industries.


At present, the capital for our investment projects comes from either raised or group-generated funds. We have already begun to implement these projects.


JCM: What is your strategy for Sinoma's development in the Asia- Pacific region and abroad?

L. Y.: According to our company's strategic development plan, Sinomatech will focus on the construction of two platforms in the near future: an industrial manufacturing platform for highperformance core products, and a research and development platform for industrial technology and equipment.


In tune with the market

To tap China’s wind-energy resources, the company has developed the Sinoma 40.2, 37.5, 31.5 and 23.3 blades, which are suitable for inland IEC II, III and coastal areas.


The main product, Sinoma 40.2, was designed for low-wind-speed areas using advanced aerodynamic design and RIM technology. The GL-certified blade offers advantages such as reduced load on the wind turbine, a large swept area, and high power efficiency. It is suitable for 1.5-2.0MW wind turbines.


The company can design and produce MW-class blade moulds, and provides different turning mechanisms and heating systems as a function of customer requirements.



The cost-effective moulds have a highgloss surface, long lifetime, and good heat conductivity.


The company has developed several types of nacelle covers using RIM, spray-up and hand lay-up technologies. The largest one is 12 m long, 5.5 m high and 4.5 m in diameter.



Sinoma: a powerful group with wide scope

Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Sinoma Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Sinoma-Tech), which is composed of Nanjing Fiberglass & Design Institute, Suzhou Non-metallic Research & Design Institute and Sinoma Suzhou. Sinoma- Tech specializes in specialty fibre products, composite materials, nonmetallic engineering materials, etc. Composites constitute one of Sinoma’s main technical industrial sectors.


Sinoma’s composite division specializes in the research, development and production of special fibreglass sizing, platinum bushings and special composite materials, and holds several technology patents at the national and regional levels.


Sinoma-Tech’s parent company is Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd, a public company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange and founded in December 2001. The company is involved mainly in large-scale domestic and overseas projects. It provides general contract integration services such as engineering consultancy, engineering design, construction and erection, equipment manufacturing, supply, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and more. The company is firmly established, basing its success on the considerable resources accumulated by the Chinese cement industry over the past 50 years. It is now focusing on further development and expansion.


Sinoma International possesses 47 companies, including 33 limitedliability companies and 14 branches. It has 11 first-class subsidiaries and six first-class branches.


Sinomatech Wind Power Blade has all the support it needs to quickly make a name for itself as an important player in China’s wind energy sector. The market is growing extremely fast in response to ambitious governmental choices. It would be disappointing indeed if Sinomatech Wind Power Blade did not reach its development goals in the sector!