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Sinopec Jilin carbon fiber sucker rod made breakthrough

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13 Aug 2014

Dr. Cai Xiaoping is a technology expert in Jilin Petrochemical. He has led Jilin Petrochemical Fiber Factory research team carrying out the research project of "carbon fiber composite materials continuous sucker rod technology development and oilfield application test". 

Recently, this project has been included in the China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) major technical field test project plan.

Until recently, according to Dr. Cai, the carbon fiber products and oilfield sucker rod project matching industry chain has made breakthrough progress. Jilin Petrochemical has built the carbon fiber production line with domestic leading level. This product line will form an annual output of 100000 square meters of carbon fabrics and an annual production output of 10 tons capacity of short cut carbon fiber, which has filled the domestic blank in this field.

Dr. Cai Xiaoping graduated from Hunan Normal University Chemistry department in 1986. In 1989 and 1993, he has obtained the Master of Science and Doctor of Science degrees in Changchun Applied Chemistry Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Science. From 1994 to 1995, Dr. Cai Xiaoping has carried out his postdoctoral research in Martin--Luther University of Germany and from 1998 to 1999, he has also carried out another postdoctoral research in Sussex University of the UK.

Over the years, Dr. Cai Xiaoping has been engaged in the research and development of olefin polymerization and carbon fiber research work. He has presided over the development of the "lubricating oil used for modification of ethylene propylene copolymer technology development" project. In 1998, the research achievements of this project have directly achieved industrialization in the 20000 tons / year EPDM plant. He has presided over the completion of 'T300 carbon fiber precursor and the research on the stable production key technology. He has presided over the completion of the CCF-1 PAN precursor (10t/a) intermediate test study. In May 2011, he has presided over the national military key material pilot project and obtained a research funding of 47 million Yuan (US$ 7.83 million).

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