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Sinosteel Jilin carbon fiber project started operation

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1 Mar 2012

Carbon fiber, in the “new materials industry ‘12th Five-Year’ development plan", ranking first, came in before aramid and ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber; which also is exclusive in the industry ten key projects: low-cost carbon fiber and high-end innovative demonstration project.

Jilin Carbon Fiber announced that the postponed six months annual 500 tons carbon fiber project officially put into operation. At this point, the company will become the only listed company to achieve mass production of carbon fiber in both Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges so far.


Sinosteel Jiangcheng Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd. received on February 27, the first phase of 500 tons carbon fiber project linkage test was successful, and put into full production the same day. As the project has just been put into production, the product sales, sales prices, profitability can not yet be determined.


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