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Sinovel 10MW wind turbine project listed in China central budgeting

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17 Sep 2012

Recently, Sinovel Wind successfully applied to be listed in China central budget investment projects through China National Energy Bureau.

Sinovel is one of China leading wind power equipments manufacturers. The approved project is its "10MW Super Large Offshore Wind Power Development & Demonstration" project. This project will build the world's first, largest power rating, 10MW grade super large offshore wind turbine. And the turbine will be installed as a demonstration project in Jiangsu coastal area.


At present, Sinovel 3MW Wind turbine has achieved mass production. And its 5MW turbine and the 6MW have also been successful installed and in grid-connected operation. Those successful practices have accumulated invaluable research and development and the practical operation experience for 10MW wind turbine project.


China National Energy Bureau "National Energy Technology Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and China Ministry of Science and Technology "Wind Power Technology Development 12th 5 Special Plan" have all put forward clearly the large-scale development direction.


In its plan, Ministry of Science and Technology clearly points out the need to break through 10MW offshore wind turbine components design key technology, and achieve maritime ultra large-scale wind turbine operation. Sinovel senior vice president Tao Gang said, in order to maintain the core competitiveness Sinovel has in the offshore and overseas markets, company will further increase the strength of research and development of large scale wind turbine, and speed up the 10MW offshore wind turbine R&D work.



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