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SK2VF200-2 ultra-soft vacuum film

News International-French

13 Nov 2015

This product is a very soft transparent nylon bagging film with high elongation for using in cure cycles by temperatures up to 204°C in autoclaves and ovens.

It is recommended for bagging applications where a higher softness is required.

Advantages of the film:

  • Soft film with high elongation simplifies vacuum process, makes it faster and more reliable.
  • Usage of wide film reduces the number of junctures at manufacturing of large-sized details, decreasing the risk of vacuum leakage, labor required and optimizing production cycle.
  • High elasticity of the film reduces the risk of tension on the angles and necessity to re-bag. 

Film thickness: 50µm or 75µm.

Width: 600mm for 50µm thickness films and 8000mm for 75µm thickness film

Various shapes:



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