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Skills investment to benefit Exova customers

News International-French

4 Jul 2012

Staff at a leading European aerospace testing lab are to receive a significant skills boost following an investment by the Government of the Czech Republic and the EU.

The Plzen lab operated by the world’s largest dedicated testing group, Exova, is to train more than 30 per cent of its staff in conjunction with the West Bohemian Technical University of Plzen and the Czech Technical University of Prague.


The 16 employees will each receive 100 hours of advanced skill development on key aerospace sector topics including material properties, sample production technology, and mathematic methods of assessing test results.


Jiri Fidransky, general manager of Exova in Plzen, said the training would enable staff to ‘continue to meet the challenges of the fast-moving aerospace industry,’ and help secure future growth for the lab.


The Plzen lab boasts an impressive list of approvals from all leading airframe and engine OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) within the aerospace sector.


Exova Plzen specialises in hot and cold tensile, metallography, chemistry, stress rupture, creep, fatigue and fracture toughness testing.


Jiri explained: “Our laboratories throughout the world are renowned for their cutting-edge testing capabilities and the expertise of our staff.


“The aerospace sector is a leader in technology development and with that comes rapidly changing requirements for the testing of new materials and processes.

“This investment by the Czech Government and the EU will enable us to further increase staff expertise related to aerospace material testing, and in turn improve the skills so necessary to ensure our customers reap the benefits.”