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Smart deformation monitoring grids and heating pocket

News International-French

4 Mar 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Tibtech is widening its offer of electro-heating yarns and grids for composites with the development of smart captor grids that can be used as surface captors to monitor structural deformation of composite parts.

The Tibtech flexible smart grid structure can be added on the surface or, better, inserted in between different reinforcement layers of a composite. They allow direct integrated measurement of surface deformation within the structure in functional conditions. The grid integrates a newly developed yarn deformation captor whose resistivity changes according to its elongation. Although Tibtech is not supplying directly the electronic device for signal processing, a second integration of the output signal could be very useful to monitor the periodic deformation within a composite part submitted to vibrations strain, in wind blades or a boat mast, for example. Long-term structural fatigue effects could also be monitored using this promising technique.


Tibtech will also present its new flexible heating pocket concept designed for composite processing without oven. Working temperature conditions can range from 80°C to 160°C or even 180°C. The company has specially developed a vacuum heating pocket where heating can be associated to vacuum conditions. The high flexibility and versatility of the heating pockets make it possible to work with different composite part dimensions. Avoiding the use of an oven, this technique also saves a lot of space as the pockets can be folded after use.



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