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27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - The Smartcoater is a R2R lab unit with a working width starting at 100 mm and a wide range of coating applications and production speeds. Complex products can be produced with a minimum use of substrate and chemistry.

The base unit offers a 5-in-1 coating module including slot die, knife, dipping, micro-roller and engraved roller application functions. Unlike other tools, there is no need to purchase individual modules for each of these applications.


Other modules can be added rapidly, including screen printing, flexo printing, UV spraying and other modules required to produce the different layers of a product.


Drying systems such as air dryer, infrared and UV curing, inert gas dryers or flashlight curing can be used. Most processes are controlled via an advanced Siemens S7 PLC driving servo motors, which guarantees a precise control of the web level at a wide range of throughput speeds.


Tension control is maintained with load cells and a precision speed roller guaranteeing efficient operation of the plant in both directions. Register control can be integrated and plasma treatment and web cleaning are optionally offered. The Smartcoater is completely enclosed in a cabinet and can be adapted as explosion-proof, inert or filtered-air variations.


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