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SMC BMC composite materials for key sectors in society deliver on sustainability

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19 Jul 2011

Last month, the European Alliance for SMC/BMC released its Position Paper on the sustainability aspects of SMC/BMC based products. The document highlights industry’s commitment to reducing environmental impacts, during the whole life cycle of SMC/BMC based products of excellent performance.

Commenting on the position paper, Peter Schmidt, Alliance’s Chairman said that “the position paper highlights the sustainability of SMC/BMC products and their superior performances when compared to traditional materials. Our industry is aware of the exceptional qualities of the material and also of the environmental changes we are facing today. Now - we are showing that our products are sustainable without compromising on quality”.


Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) and Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) are intermediate materials from which a large variety of products can be manufactured by specific processing techniques such as compression molding and injection moulding. Applications based on SMC/BMC products include automotive & transportation, electrical & electronics, building & construction, sanitary and domestic appliances.


The position paper is considering the total environmental impacts of a product during its life cycle from production until end-use phase. The parameters identified are: materials used in the production phase, energy use and energy reduction through the whole process, use of renewable materials and greener applications, lifetime, maintenance and recycling.

The SMC/BMC products are delivering on all parameters. Compared to traditional materials such as steel and aluminium, SMC/BMC based products are sustainable, have lower energy content & emissions during production, are lighter and require lower maintenance. Additionally, these products have a longer lifetime and are recyclable.

For further information on the Position Paper, follow the link below:

Sustainability aspects of SMC/BMC based products



About the European Alliance for SMC/BMC

The European Alliance for SMC/BMC is an industrial association of leading European companies and scientific institutions involved in the product chain of SMC and BMC .Those are fiber-reinforced thermosetting compounds, which, in general, are composed of resin and reinforcing fiberglass. Other additives enhance performance, cure and processing.

The association was established in 1993 and has been growing and gained in importance through the years and now has members from all major European countries. Today, the Alliance is a member of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA) which represents the interests of composites industry at EU level.



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