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Solar collector SMC frame

News International-French

12 Mar 2012

JEC Paris 2012 - In 2011, Polytec Composites Germany and Bosch Thermotechnik came second in the Environment category of the AVK Awards for the development of a single-wall SMC frame for a solar collector.

The single-wall SMC frame provides the best advantage for the customer and the environment: it replaces 11 single parts and thereby enables much easier assembly and lower logistics efforts. The product is also characterized by its comprehensive functional integration. As a consequence, the structure of the solar collector is now more robust and has better static and dynamic characteristics. In addition, the weight reduction of roughly 8 kg simplifies roof mounting. The design of the solar collector was also improved.


In 2011, series production of the SMC frame was launched at the Polytec site in Voerde, Germany. The glass-fibre-reinforced plastic composite has ideal properties for the solar basins where the collector modules are installed. Compared to conventional thermoplastics, SMC technology allows greater flexibility in terms of component design and size. Moreover, the excellent insulation properties minimize heat loss. No corrosion, good outdoor durability and weathering resistance, high temperature resistance and a low-cost production process are other convincing advantages.



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