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A solution for strong adhesion and bonding between various metals and composites

News International-French

25 Aug 2015

Mitsui Chemicals announces that its solution Polymetac has been selected for use in the frames of new autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles which are currently being developed by Aerosense, a joint venture of Sony Mobile Communications and ZMP.

Polymetac is Mitsui Chemicals’ new technology for strong adhesion and bonding of various metals and resins that was not possible using conventional methods.

Out of Mitsui Chemicals’ numerous lightweight solutions, Polymetac cuts weight and helps to reduce the number of parts and steps in the manufacturing processes as well. It is a completely new technology that provides totally new hybrid solutions.

Mitsui Chemicals provides Aerosense with hybrid product of carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and aluminum joint parts made by its Polymetac technology and provides full support in shaping and designing the parts which will be used in the frame of aerial vehicle.

The new joint parts enhance the structural rigidity of aerial vehicles while significantly reducing weight and providing simpler designs by eliminating the need for fasteners such as bolts.

“Mitsui Chemicals used its cutting edge simulation technology to design simple joint shapes with a single part which were originally composed of approximately 20 pieces. The technology contributes to a 50% weight reduction of joint parts while improving rigidity.”says Akio Hirahara, General Manager of Mitsui Chemicals’ New Market Development (Automotive Materials) Division.

Mitsui Chemicals will continue to pursue new uses and development of Polymetac technology for state-of-the-art lightweight solutions in automotive and electrical applications.

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