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Solutions for FRP product equipment

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

WeiDe,a leading company of design,manufacturing and export of equipment for FRP pipe, FRP tank, Pressure vessel. Applications cover many industries of water, sewage, hydro-power, construction, engineering, chemistry, agricultural and marine.

WeiDe is ISO 9001 certified. Its equipments are present all over the world.


WeiDe supplys FRP pipe production line [Winding machine (with dry and wet sand feeding system), Liner making machine, Curing station], Calibration machine, Extracting machine, Hydro testing machine, Mandrel, FRP pipe fitting manufacturing machine, Sleeve manufacturing machine, Elbow winding machine, Pipe angled cutting machine (for elbow manufacturing), Flange mold, Universal test machine, FRP tank Machine, CNC cylinder Machine(2 axis-6axis,2-4spindle)

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