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Solvay and Boeing extend contract for large passenger aircraft

News International-French

7 Mar 2016

The companies announce that they have extended their contract through 2020 for the supply of high-performance, structural composite and adhesive materials used to lightweight Boeing’s large passenger aircraft for legacy programs such as the 737, 747 and 777 as well as current and future platforms, including B787, 737MAX and the 777X.

Solvay with the acquisition of Cytec is a maker of composite materials for the aerospace industry. Solvay’s newly created Composite Materials Global Business Unit, provides technologically advanced lightweighting materials addressing the requirements of aerospace manufacturers to reduce fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and maintenance time.

This extended contract includes delivering on specific supplier initiatives as well as long-term growth opportunities with current and future qualified Solvay products.

Solvay supplies a range of products for primary and secondary structure applications, such as flaps, doors, fairings and ailerons. Products include Cycom prepregs, adhesives and surfacing materials that offer high toughness and strength as well as tailor-made process materials solutions that lower manufacturing costs and save time as they offer excellent process repeatability.

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