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Solvay launches Sinterline™ - the first polyamide 6 powder for laser sintering

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28 Nov 2012

Solvay’s Engineering Plastics business unit announces the launch of Sinterline the first range of PA6 powders developed specifically for Selective Laser Sintering (SLS*). This additive layer manufacturing technology allows the rapid creation of complex parts.

“Laser sintered parts manufactured using Sinterline™ display a thermal resistance and stiffness similar to those injection-molded in polyamide 6,” explains Ralph Rissé, Business Development Manager for Solvay’s Engineering Plastics business unit. “This innovation extends the limits of rapid manufacturing enabling cost-effective production of functional prototypes and small series components.”


Solution F/E2R, a leading company specializing in engineering and rapid prototyping techniques for recreational vehicles and aerospace applications, has manufactured parts such as air-intake ducts and brake fluid tanks which highlight the inherent qualities of Sinterline. Other parts are being developed to equip the cockpit of the Solar Impulse, the pioneering solar powered plane for which Solvay is the first main partner.


“Thanks to a resistant and excellent surface finish, Sinterline™ will broaden the range of laser sintered parts,” comments Hermann Hanning, Technical Manager, LSS Laser Sinter Service GmbH, one of Europe’s rapid prototyping specialists. “We are convinced that it will quickly establish itself as the ideal material for numerable automotive and electronics applications.”


*: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is an additive manufacturing process that uses a high power laser to fuse plastic or metal powders to obtain three-dimensional shapes


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