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Solvay launches Tegralite thermoplastic lightweighting solutions for aeronautics

News International-French

21 May 2015

Tegralite integrates a range of high performance polymer products from Solvay's Specialty Polymers and the complementary skills of its specialized partners, 3A Composites, Aonix and JSP, through a global network that is open for expansion.

Solvay has launched Tegralite, a family of high performance lightweighting materials which offer the aeronautics industry solutions and part making capabilities that improve fuel efficiency and speed up the production, refurbishment and maintenance of planes at low cost.

The industry’s entire value chain of part-, system- and aircraft-makers as well as airlines, stands to benefit from Tegralite’s materials which will help simplify supply chain, enable more part commonality and ultimately roll out planes faster as more people travel. It meets the industry's drive to lower costs and increase efficiency by replacing handmade labor or facilitating on board repairs.

Solvay’s alliance with 3A Composites makes available for the first time and in large quantities a new generation of aerospace foams. Its partnership with JSP opens up fast and easy access to 3D foam parts, a technology already widely used in the automotive sector. With Aonix, Solvay propels the development of innovative high- and ultra-performing prepreg systems as well as new sandwich materials and structures. Solvay complements the offering with its tailored multi-layer functional and decorative surfaces.

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