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Sonatest expands its WheelProbe range for composite inspection

News International-French

22 Oct 2013

Developed and designed for the inspection of thick, attenuative composite materials up to 60mm thick, such as glass reinforced plastic, this model with large low frequency is well adapted for composites structures across industrial engineering sectors including the marine and aerospace sectors;  and was initially developed for wind and tidal energy turbine blade inspection applications.

This large format array system is designed to use a minimal amount of couplant and is adjustable for concave and convex surfaces. The patented polymer wheel minimises internal reflections whilst maximising resolution and with a scan width of 85mm and a lightweight construction this new model is ideal for manual large surface area scanning. This large format wheelprobe can be used with a variety of phased array inspection equipment and is compatible with the Sonatest veo, Prisma and Rapidscan.

The new WheelProbe will be a featured product on stand D105 at the up and coming Advanced Engineering Show at the Birmingham NEC, November 12-13th 2013.  The full range of Sonatest Ltd’s products will also be on be offer and if you have a specific application or sample you would like to bring to the show please contact us in advance to arrange a focussed time slot for your query.

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