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South Korea one step forward with composites

News International-French

4 Feb 2013

With a composites growth of +6% p.a., South Korea is more and more involved in composites.

In a well attended press conference on January 31, 2013, JEC Group President & CEO Frédérique Mutel underlined several assets for Korea: domestic companies covering the whole value chain, self-sufficiency in both resin and carbon fiber with the development of a Carbon Valley, production of 90% of its glass fiber needs, key segments such as Electronics (+55%), Automotive (+10%) and Consumer Goods (+10%).

Main growth drivers are Aerospace and Wind Energy (+15%), Construction (+20%). Especially carbon becomes a high-performance strategical material with a target of 10,200 tons by 2015 by 3 main companies: Hyosung,Taekwang, TAK.

Carbon will be one of the main topic during JEC Asia June 25-27, 2013, Singapore.