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Southeast University fiber reinforced composite project won China science and technology progress prize

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6 Feb 2013

Recently, China 2012 annual national science and technology conference was held in Beijing. The “fiber reinforced composite materials high performance and structural properties enhancement technology and application project” has won the second prize of China national scientific and technological progress.

The project is completed by Southeast University (SEU) school of civil engineering team led by Professor Wu Zhishen. Beijing Xiteda science and technology Co., Ltd, Hong Kong City University, and Chinese PLA University of Science and Technology have also jointly participated in the progress. This technology can extend the building life to more than 100 years.

China engineering structure durability has a serious problem and needs to improve the structure performance. The project team has carried out systematic study on the fiber reinforced composite (FRP) application in the civil engineering.

They have established high performance FRP, and established new FRP theoretical and technical system of both reinforced structure and enhanced new structure. They have developed a number of international leading key technologies and promoted FRP large-scale application.

The project has been authorized 35 patents (1 international invention patent, 13 national invention patents, and 21 utility model patents). The project published 97 SCI papers (24ASCE papers, 2 prize essays), 158 EI papers. They have also edited 1 national standard, and participated edition of 4 industry standards.

The project directly or indirectly promoted the large-scale application of FRP and related technology. A statistical value of 1.19 billion Yuan (US$ 192 million) can be completed with the direct technology support of the project team.

The technology has been applied in the typical engineering projects of the Great Hall of the People renovation project, Guangdong Humen bridge reinforcement project, and Hangzhou Qingchun under-river tunnel project. The main technology has also won the Ministry of Education Science and technology progress award first prize in 2011.

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