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Specific HP-RTM epoxy range for mass production

News International-French

1 Mar 2016

JEC World 2016 - With the development of mass production in the automotive composite industry, finding ways to shorten the manufacturing cycle without lowering the product properties is becoming more and more important

Aware of this trend and of the corresponding market potential, Wells Advanced Materials (WAM) developed a specific HP-RTM epoxy range to make mass production affordable to the automotive composite industry.

With a low-chlorine content, the highly purified epoxy mixture forms a stable chemical system that does not easily react with moisture in the air, thus extending the lifetime of the product and improving its mechanical properties. With a low viscosity and good wettability of carbon fibres, the resin is infused into the fibres with short cycle times, resulting in products with strong, fully impregnated structures. With a two-minute fast curing cycle, manufacturers are able to cut down the general cost of producing automotive parts. The combination of WAM epoxy resins with the HP-RTM process meets the great market demand worldwide.

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