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Spheretex' IP solutions flow faster

News International-French

31 Jul 2013

In the recent months Spheretex has concentrated its efforts on enhancing the range of closed mould products. The results are products that guarantee a fast, stable and constant resin flow in parallel to the surface of the laminate. This is the foundation for a strong and resistant sandwich laminate.

All Spheretex’ solutions for infusion or injection driven processes contain a high performance flow medium. In addition they fulfil important functions like reinforcement, print blocker and/or core material. They are characterised by perfect drapability.

Flowmat is a basic product that can be used for all types of closed mould processes. Due to its even fibre spread and a special stitching thread, the surface abilities of the laminate reach top level.

Sphere.mat C IP was developed from Flowmat by adding one layer of chopped core material inside. The even fibre spread and surface abilities remain unchanged. Laminates up to a thickness of 9 mm can be realised by this unique combination of  reinforcement, core material and flow medium in one ready-to-use complex.

When superior surface abilities are needed all these products can be further enhanced by adding a layer of surface tissue.

Last but not least Sphere.core SBC IP is a core material with flow medium for robust sandwich constructions up to 15 mm. This glass non-woven, volumised with thermoplastic microspheres, gives laminates superior strength and impact resistance. Even screws can be fixed without further support. The core material is flexible and can be used for more than only flat shapes.

Spheretex, based in Hilden Germany, is well known for engineered core solutions. With specified product ranges all types of manufacturing techniques, such as hand  laminating,  winding, RTM or VIP, can be served. New solutions that were released in the last two years are Sphere.tex tape for filament winding and the HT product family for Epoxy resins. More than 40 distributors all over the world and two Spheretex owned subsidiaries in China and the US guarantee a global presence of Spheretex’ products.