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Spinteks Tekstil İnşaat A.Ş - Technical textiles for the composite sector

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15 Feb 2013

Spinteks Tekstil İnşaat A.Ş started out in the textile industry in 2002, adding the manufacture and trade of various technical textile products in 2007.

Spinteks Tekstil İnşaat A.Ş pursues an innovative, solution-focused approach. Its portfolio includes carbon, basalt and glass fibre fabrics. The company serves industries such as defence, aviation, automotive, health, construction and composites in Turkey, but also exports a certain amount of its 100% domestically produced carbon fabric.

Focusing on carbon and basalt
In 2011, Spinteks started producing woven carbon fibre fabric to serve a substantial part of the composite industry, having invested in such a facility. The same year, the company signed an agreement with Technobasalt LLC for the sales, marketing, logistics and storage of basalt fibre, continuous yarns and basalt fittings in Turkey.

In 2012, Spinteks signed an agreement with P-D Interglas Technologies GmbH, a leading German technical fabric producer that covers Turkey and the other Turkic countries, Russia, Ukraine and the Middle East, thereby adding fireproof industrial fabrics such as Flamline® and Atex Screen® (A2 standard) to its product range. These patented products can be used in acoustic applications.

The Flamline® range includes fire resistant, flame retardant and non-flame-propagating grades. It can be produced in ten different types of fabric, depending on the desired colours and patterns. Thanks to their special coating, Atex Screen® products are highly resistant to UV rays, rain and mechanical friction, making them suitable for exterior and roller-blind applications.  

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