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Sporting elite meets cutting-edge technology

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3 Sep 2014

Prestigious athletes in gripping discussions at RAMPF – Manuel Machata, World and European champion in four-man bob, and Alexander Bergmann, one of the members of the German national snowboarding team and Sochi 2014 Olympian, put their heads together with experts at RAMPF Tooling Solutions to discuss the application of cutting-edge technology in elite sport.

The sun beats down from the clear blue sky and the mercury must have climbed way above 30 degrees Celsius. No chance of any ice or snow today. Yet there’s a distinctly wintery feel at the RAMPF Innova-tion Center on this perfect summer day in Grafenberg. That’s all down to the two athletes visiting, who train to reach peak performance during the coldest months of the year – bobsled driver Manuel Machata and Olympian snowboarder Alexander Bergmann. During their visit to RAMPF Tooling Solutions, the world’s biggest producer of styling, modeling, and working board materials, they are keen to learn all about the latest technological advances and materials for use in high-performance sport equipment.

The two athletes are welcomed by Michael Rampf and Matthias Rampf, the CEOs of RAMPF Holding, and company founder Rudolf Rampf. During the tour of applications technology at RAMPF Tooling Solu-tions, they discuss in some detail with Heinz Horbanski, the company’s Managing Director, and two of its experts, Marcus Vohrer and Norbert Hess, the uses of various materials in the design and construction of winter sports equipment for bobsleds and snowboarding.

“The challenge lies in finding lightweight, dynamic material that is also dimensionally stable and has cushioning properties,” Marcus Vohrer explains. He is quite familiar with the demands top athletes place on materials – and not just in winter sports: RAMPF Tooling Solutions has many customers in the fields of watersports, cycling and, above all, motorsport. “We work with almost all of the teams in Formula 1, including the sport’s front runners McLaren, Red Bull and Ferrari. We also provide materials used in the internationally renowned ‘Formula Student Germany’ construction competition, where students design and race their own sports cars.”

RAMPF wishes Manuel Machata and Alexander Bergmann every success for the winter sport season 2014/15.

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