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A spray-up robot at every operator's reach

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

Matrasur Composites has developed ROBOMAT: the only robot for the wet composites industry that is at every operator's reach. The uniqueness of this robot lies in its programming technology. Unlike other robots, ROBOMAT does not require specific programming skills.

Its lightweight, carbon design allows any operator to spray a part with the same ease as he would with a traditional spray-up machine. The robot will then reproduce the movements "taught" by the operator an infinite number of times. It is now possible to program a huge number of parts by simply spraying up one part under the best conditions and saving the movements as a program. In other words, for the first time, programming time for 1 part = spray-up time of the part!


Furthermore, ROBOMAT is a multi-application robot capable of spraying a variety of materials (release agent, gelcoat, barrier coat and resin & fiberglass, etc), thus offering one of the fastest and safest return on investment a fabrication shop can expect.


ROBOMAT puts robotics at the reach of small companies which represent a large majority of manufacturers in the GRP-composite industry.


Matrasur Composites now offers a Low Cost version of ROBOMAT opening the door to the industrialization of composites at a very affordable level of price.

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