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Spread tow reinforcements setting a new standard

News International-French

27 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 -TeXtreme spread tow reinforcements offer possibilities for weight savings, improved mechanical performance and superior surface smoothness compared to conventional reinforcements.

TeXtreme carbon reinforcements are available as spread tow fabrics with both 0/90 and +a/-b orientations (initially +45/-45) and spread tow UD tapes. This range of reinforcements, combined with high flexibility in optimizing reinforcement parameters and Oxeon’s knowledge, provides enormous possibilities to design and optimize reinforcement solutions for specific applications with short lead times and fast deliveries.



Oxeon, headquartered in Sweden, will move to new larger tailored facilities in the spring to enable good conditions for continued growth. In connection with this, the company will also implement new machinery for increased production capacity to meet the future demand from large-scale programmes and applications.



TeXtreme is widely used by premium brands in the sporting goods sector and has been successfully implemented by the leading F1 teams for many years. Due to the unique benefits of spread tow and TeXtreme, this new category of reinforcements has now found its way into interesting projects within the aerospace, industrial, marine and automotive sectors. 



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