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Stajvelo built first all-polymer e-Bike with long-fiber thermoplastic material

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24 Oct 2019

Solvay’s Xencor LFT compounds enable Stajvelo to make the world’s first e-bike out of advanced injection-molded composite materials. The innovative urban e-bike combines mobility, comfort and design and Solvay had the e-bike on display at K 2019.

Stajvelo built first all-polymer e-Bike with long-fiber thermoplastic material

Stajvelo built first all-polymer e-Bike with long-fiber thermoplastic material

Monaco-based Stajvelo selected Solvay’s long-fiber Xencor polyarylamide (PARA) compound based on its ability to meet stringent structural, mechanical, and aesthetic requirements. Xencor PARA significantly extends the performance capabilities of Solvay’s Ixef PARA compounds, which have successfully replaced metal in medical devices, automotive exteriors, and small appliances where a highly aesthetic surface finish is required.  

Thierry Manni, Founder and CEO of Stajvelo said:

“Stajvelo’s e-bike design embodies the hard-to-achieve balance between form and function, due in part to Xencor PARA’s unique combination of properties. Thanks to Solvay’s polymer expertise and processing technology support, we were able to design a manufacturing process with optimal function integration and time-saving assembly operations.”

Solvay & Stajvelo - Strategic Partnership Towards Sustainable Mobility

Solvay’s Xencor LFT compounds typically contain between 30 to 60 percent fiber reinforcement, depending on the polymer and grade. The fiber constitutes a critical structural element by creating an entangled 3D fiber skeleton within the final molded part. The strong fiber skeleton provides vastly superior structural properties and dimensional stability compared to traditional highly-filled, short-fiber reinforced polymers.

Xencor LFT compounds are intended to bridge the price-to-performance gap between short fiber thermoplastics (SFT) and advanced composite materials. They combine high strength, outstanding crash/impact performance, thermal stability, very low creep, excellent surface aesthetics, and smooth processing characteristics.

Eric Martin, Global Manager for Xencor™ LFT compounds for Solvay’s Specialty Polymers global business unit added:

“Xencor compounds are designed to replace metal in semi-structural applications that require greater performance than is attainable with SFT products and where metal is not a desirable option due to weight or per-part cost"

Solvay’s Xencor LFT compounds are suitable for semi-structural applications in a variety of markets including automotive, advanced transportation, construction, industrial, and consumer, as well as sports and leisure.

About Thierry Manni, Founder and CEO of Stajvelo:

Thierry Manni, Founder and CEO of Stajvelo

"I am passionate about bikes and the feeling of freedom you get when you ride. We all remember the moment of intense satisfaction the first time we rode a bike without training wheels or took our first long bike ride. No other mode of transport fills us with as much emotion or makes as much sense. Biking is the most environmentally-friendly mode of transport that exists.

With Stajvelo, I wanted to create the bicycle of my dreams. An urban e-bike featuring never-before-used technologies, rooted in a philosophy of simplicity, ecology, comfort, design, and above all, riding pleasure.

To give life to this project, the first step was to start a company in 2017. Stajvelo, STAJ comes from the initials of my family: my wife Stéphanie, my children Andrea and Jules, and myself. It was then a matter of bringing together the people, technicians, experts, communicators. Ten or so different people added their input to my project, like fairy godmothers... Then, the bike was born. We had to give it a color, a concept and a name. RV01, a tribute to my brother Hervé, who had died several months before. Studies, calculations, testing, design, 3D printing, functional prototype: we went through the process, step by step.

RV01 was just the first step... Few months later, I decided to open up new horizons while keeping the same philosophy: passion, simplicity, comfort and perfection.

Good looking bikes, easy to use, our leitmotiv. I hope that Stajvelo will bring you as much pleasure and satisfaction as it has me."