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StandardAero expands Cincinnati composite repair center

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13 May 2014

The company expanded its component repair facility to create a new 30,000 square foot composite processing and repair center to meet the growing market demands for the development of composite repairs for aircraft and ground-based engine hardware and aircraft structures within its existing 250,000 square foot, MRO facility located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

This expansion is an addition to current capabilities and growth over more than a decade of composite repair at this facility.

These expanded capabilities include dedicated processes for the repair and overhaul of various component types including fan cases, acoustic liners, stationary air/oil seals, spinner cones, fan platforms, outer guide vanes and vane booster assemblies to name a few. Specific examples of engines that will be supported by the new expansion include GE90 fan platforms, booster vanes and CVTs as well as CFM56/CF6 acoustic panels, OGVs, bearing supports and spinner cones.

With the addition of the new space and capabilities, the repair equipment located in the composites processing cell covers a wide range of capabilities and includes an autoclave, freezer, ovens, paint booth, bond rooms, vertical turning lathes, Haas machining center and tensile testing and other machines. The center also has capacity to expand up to an additional 30,000 square feet to accommodate testing equipment and anticipated future growth, including larger components.

StandardAero is also working closely with OEM repair providers such as General Electric and Snecma to support customer needs for new repairs and repair developments.

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