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Stanford Composites Manufacturing Innovation Center

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23 Jan 2013

An open invitation for companies, large, medium and small, to join the newly formed Stanford Composites Manufacturing Innovation Center geared to improve the competitiveness of our technology for the world-wide market, and the domestic companies, and create jobs in the US in support of a NIST initiate. 

They have formed a strong technical team with membership from several leading universities and highly successful companies.  With collaboration with companies as their members, more effective use of materials and commercialization plan can be accelerated and made competitive in a matter of months than years.

In preparation for an upcoming NIST RFP to establish a center for composites manufacturing, their Stanford Composites Manufacturing Innovation Center is seeking team members and partners from large, medium and small companies in a joint proposal. They hope to submit a winning proposal that can make the US composites manufacturing the best in the world. Composites manufacturing can see a renaissance to recapture the global leadership by the US industry. The government and industry will co-invest on an equal basis, with a minimum of total resource of $25 million per year for five years. They wish to collaborate with forward-looking companies with little or no cost to them. Stanford’s effort, to be funded by NIST, will increase company’s competitiveness, with some specific benefits:


  1. To have access to and working side-by-side with world-class students, postdocs, and leading scholars and engineers
  2. To go to the source, intellectual leaders; cut through layers of management and integrators and transfer technology directly
  3. To integrate innovations into commercialization
  4. To obtain objectivity, in-depth knowledge and expanded skills
  5. To maintain or leapfrog company’s market and market share
  6. To have exclusive support from Stanford for contract research
  7. To accelerate progress and payoff in in-house program
  8. To receive ideas and data in bidding for government contracts
  9. To use workshops to improve workforce skills and morale, and customize training at community colleges of technicians for composites including operation of specialized equipment
  10. To earn Stanford Ph.D. for qualified candidates while working

The US Government is forming a High Tech Manufacturing Initiative. By establishing 15 domains that will re-establish the country's dominance in manufacturing. This Initiative will have its impact on product/service competitiveness in the world market resulting in exports, training and job creation.

The Stanford Composites Center is taking the lead in forming a group in the Fiber Reinforced Composites (FRC) Domain. They invite all interested companies to join them in this initiative. They are looking for Academic Experts in this area to contribute to the technology and Industrial Partners who will cooperate with them to accelerate and deploy leading edge technologies, directly and expeditiously without layers of managers and integrators.

The Government effort will be overseen by NIST who will provide a minimum funding of $12.5 million dollars/per annum for five years. This will be matched by funding from Industrial Team Members and Partners. The co-investment will consist of manpower and material support in kind in collaborative projects within the FRC Domain.


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