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Starr Aircraft doubles throughput with Lectra

News International-French

14 Jan 2015

Lectra’s expertise and advanced cutting technologies enable the company to meet increased demand for aircraft seating

Lectra is pleased to announce that Starr Aircraft has chosen Lectra’s latest automated cutting technology and expertise to boost their production capabilities.

Starr Aircraft has been a leading manufacturer of aircraft products for the global commercial aviation sector for more than 30 years; their product portfolio includes interior upholstery, curtains, carpet, and fire block fabricated goods. The combination of Starr Aircraft’s textile industry experience and their use of the latest technological developments allows them to manufacture customized parts with the speed and efficiency of a mass production process.

“Recently, we have seen an increasing number of customers move to leather seating. In order to meet this rise in demand, we needed a solution that would double our capacity and allow room for continued growth, all without expanding our operational hours,” explains Tim DeWitt, Director of Product Sales and Development at Starr Aircraft.

To help Starr Aircraft reach their production goals, Lectra has set up a change management project to streamline and optimize the company’s leather-cutting operations using the Versalis® solution. Lectra’s experts were able to demonstrate the improvement in workflow, hide efficiency and product quality gained by identifying hide defects on a workstation separate from the cutting line.

In addition to Versalis, a Vector fabric-cutting solution will join Starr Aircraft’s other Lectra cutting systems in the company’s 60,000 square feet facility.

“Our company operates in a competitive market, so we must have a competitive offer that brings innovation and dependability to our customers and we look to partner with companies who offer the same characteristics,” Tim comments. “We have partnered with Lectra for more than 20 years, and the company continues to offer the services and solutions that provide us with this advantage.”