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Startup competition in composites

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28 Sep 2016

The objective of the competition is to promote the innovation and the entrepreneurship spirit in the composites field. The competition took place during Experience Composites held in September 21-23, 2016 – Augsburg, Germany. Up to 10,000€ cash price for the participating Startups!

Startup competition in composites

Creating Connections throughout the whole Composites Value Chain

“We, at JEC Group, have always found pioneering ways to build bridges between different types of public from the R&D scientists to the industrialists and the OEMs”, says Mrs Frédérique Mutel, JEC Group President & CEO. “This initiative by JEC Group will create convergence between actual market needs, industrial processes and innovative ideas through this new competition that highlights the potential of promising Startups in the industry”, she adds

Below a short profile of the winners of our start-up award in Augsburg.

1st Place (ex aequo) : CEVOTEC GmbH ( Cash prize : 5000 €) : founded in 2015 in Taufkirchen / Germany by Thorsten Gröne, Cevotec offers a production technology for carbon composites that works with patch laminates and empowers  manufacturers to build complex parts in high volumes : Fiber Patch Placement. It also provides production systems and composite design software, including robot programming and production simulation.

1st Place (ex aequo): COBRATEX SAS (Cash prize : 5000 €) : founded in 2013 in Toulouse / France by Edouard Sherwood, the company’s aim is to sell new bamboo based reinforcements directly to composite part manufacturers.
The main products are  bobbins and fabrics (unidirectional, multiaxial, woven, …) made with the innovative ribbon. They are three times lighter than standard glass fibre products and are made with industrial means of production guaranteeing homogeneity of mechanical properties.

2nd Place : SICONY c / FRAUNHOFER IGCV (prize : free location for one year in Augsburg‘s technology center) : founded 2015 in Augsburg / Germany by Benjamin Brockmann and Daniel Grobe, the company offers a digital assistance software to guide and track industrial processes executed by workmen who are thus supported by process instructions using exclusively graphics and pictograms to bypass language barriers. It can be used in the field of manual assembly, maintenance and quality control. This non-textual approach is unique and Sicony sees itself as enabler for the digital revolution in the German industrial landscape.

Want to participate to the next edition of Experience Composites ?
Join us now in Augsburg on the 21 and 22 of November 2017, and enter the competition for the Innovation Awards.