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Stelia Aerospace to partner in the Beluga XL

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28 Jul 2015

Airbus and Stelia Aerospace signed a contract for the design and production of fully equipped elements for the Beluga XL at Paris Air Show.

With its experience, first on the A300-ST, in the skies since 1994, and more recently on the A330-Freighter, Stelia Aerospace is embarking on board the new air cargo transport giant: the Beluga XL.

"On this new programme, we are in charge of the nose section, which we design and deliver fully equipped with its systems (electrical, hydraulic, air conditioning, oxygen, waste water, etc.), as well as the Cargo Door with its systems installation. We will thus become systems integrator for this programme", observes Yaël Marion, Beluga XL programme director for Stelia Aerospace.

A Stelia programme
With this programme, Stelia has acquired a new stature, demonstrating its ability to focus its skills and know-how. In fact, the two companies forming Stelia Aerospace had been selected by Airbus even before their merger: Sogerma for the cargo door, thanks to its experience gained on the doors of the 1st generation Beluga and the A400M, and Aerolia for its expertise on Airbus nose sections.

"Considering that the programme was officially launched by Airbus in late 2014 and that the deadlines were very tight (development in less than two and a half years), it was proposed to set up an integrated Stelia organisation in project mode as from January 2015", explains Cédric Gautier, CEO of Stelia Aerospace.

A tight schedule, a collective energy
Entry into service of the first Beluga XL is scheduled for mid-2019. Then, to meet this deadline, the company is committed to deliver the first nose section to FAL by April 2017 and the 1st cargo door a few weeks later in early June.

In order to respect the timeline, the increase in production rates has been very steep with more than 180 people including Stelia partners already working on the project; ultimately nearly 400 people will be mobilised to keep to deadlines.

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