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Stewart Group Holdings unveils plastic tooling method for lightweight carbon fibre parts

News International-French

30 Jun 2014

The UK manufacturer of technical plastic moulded products created moulds from soluble plastics. Having trialled and tested this process extensively, the company offers this advanced method of production for lightweight, hollow carbon fibre and fibre reinforced parts.

The development means businesses in aerospace, defence, marine and vehicle manufacture can benefit from significant component weight reduction by sourcing parts through the Banbury based business. Aircraft hollow sections, for example, can be produced from a single piece of carbon fibre instead of multiple parts, by using this core tooling.

Soluble plastics offer huge advantages over traditional moulding methods. Wax and sand cores are messy and need to be disposed of, while wooden cores need to be burned out. With soluble plastic, once the final product has been cured, the core simply washes away. Traditional plastic cores are left inside the hollow section which also adds to the final component weight and this is also eliminated by using this cores.

This latest development when coupled with Stewart’s range of long fibre injection moulded products allow yhe company to offer a full service supply service to automotive and aerospace customers in particular.

In January 2014, Stewart Group Holdings gained ISO/TS16949 certification. This recognises the company’s management and control systems and allows the company to guarantee repeatability in the quality of its products.

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