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Strata delivers advanced composite ailerons for A330

News International-French

5 Feb 2013

Strata, the advanced composites aerostructures manufacturing plant in Al Ain (Abu Dhabi), continues to break new ground in the sector as it delivers its advanced carbon fibre composite aileron panels to be installed on upcoming Etihad Airways aircraft, in May.

The manufacturing facility in Al Ain is a newcomer in the composite aerostructures business. Ross Bradley CEO said: “Strata has achieved an incredible amount in the 18 months since the plant first opened its doors.” Mr Bradley added: “The delivery – which comes on-time, on-budget and obviously as per the customer quality requirements– is yet another example of how STRATA is beginning to make a name for itself in the industry.”

The delivery of these components marks a significant turning point for Strata as it becomes, for the first time, a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus of advanced carbon fibre composite aileron panels for its long-range A330/A340 aircraft.

This milestone comes as a result of the successful collaboration between the integrated product teams of Airbus and Strata.

Homaid Al Shemmari, chairman of Strata and executive director, Mubadala Aerospace, said: “Our partners are critical to supporting our vision of building an integrated knowledge-driven Aerospace hub in Abu Dhabi. It is sustainable businesses such as Strata that are helping to deliver opportunities for skilled UAE nationals, which is at the heart of Mubadala’s mission. Strata’s commitment to developing and training UAE nationals is illustrated by - the investments made to develop UAE nationals  skills and expertise required to play an important role in the development of the aerospace sector in the Emirate. Strata will provide career opportunities ranging for UAE nationals from technical roles to engineering and managerial roles.”


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