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Strategic partnership renewed and expanded between Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering

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19 Feb 2013

Caterham Composites, the lightweight structures team within Caterham Group, and technology experts Altair Engineering GmbH, have extended and expanded their strategic partnership.

Both companies have streamlined the critical exchange between design and simulation successfully during 2012. One major project Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering focused on was Caterham Composites’ technical partnership with Alex Thomson Racing. The companies provided engineering support to help Alex Thomson finish the Vendée Globe 2012/2013 in 3rd place.

The sliding coach roof protects the sailor from harsh conditions and helps the skipper perform to his full potential. The tiller provides leverage to the rudder in form of torque for the helmsman to turn the rudder, both were designed and engineered by Caterham Composites. Altair Engineering focused on the simulation and optimisation for the bespoke parts.

Picture: C.Launay/Alex Thomson Racing/ HUGO BOSS

Alex Thomson, skipper of the HUGO BOSS IMOCA 60: “The weather I faced gave me ample opportunity to push the adjustments that we made to the coach roof to the limit and I’m pleased to say it’s excellent. The engineering expertise provided by Caterham Composites, in conjunction with Altair, meant that the resulting product delivered exactly what was required from this modification.”

“The partnership between Caterham Composites and Alex Thomson Racing has been a great example of how the professional sailing industry can benefit from the experience and expertise of Formula One engineering.” said Stewart Hosford, Managing Director Alex Thomson Racing. “It was an exciting project for both parties to be involved in and we hope that this partnerships and others like it will continue to drive innovation forward in the marine industry.”

Caterham Composites and Altair have also been working together on the Concept Electric Coupé which is paving the way for a cost-focused, automotive survival cell suitable for medium-volume production vehicles (link Case Study).

Phil Hall, Managing Director of Caterham Composites is more than satisfied with the results and emphasised: “The partnership with Altair Engineering enables us to guarantee our customers an excellent and customised structural lightweight solution based on our knowledge gained in the high-end performance industry, Formula One, alongside Altair’s know-how of simulation and optimisation software. We are proud to announce an extension of our successful partnership and even expand on it.”

“I am very pleased to see that Altair and Caterham Composites do not only renew their partnership for another year, but also extend it,” said Lars Fredriksson, Director, Altair ProductDesign Germany. “The already successfully executed projects show that we offer the solutions and expertise the market needs and from which our clients across industries benefit. Together with Caterham Composites being one of the leaders in the composites industry at our side, Altair will further extend its know-how in composite design. Altair will provide its expertise in the areas of lightweight design and optimization.”

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