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Strengths are flex, a revolutionnary range

News International-French

5 Oct 2011

AEC Polymers’ laboratories have developed a new range of structural adhesives with exceptional performances, without primers. They permit the assembly of all industrial materials.

From the flexible range (400% elongation-5MPa) to the hyperstructural one (30% elongation-25MPa), these products fit to open time between 1min and 1H30.


Ideal for wide surfaces assembly (Transport, Shipbuilding Industry, Composites, Building, Sign Industry), this range fit also to mass production.


AEC Polymers draws its attention on its SAF400 which is a revolutionnary adhesive for windshields. It is usable directly on glass and bodywork and it is not needed to heat up before use. After 10 min it is possible to move and use the car (80% performances, 6MPa), furthermore it is 30% ligher : 0.09g/100 kms of CO2 reduction !


Its products are solventless. Moreover, the implementation without primer make the use easy for everyone.


AEC Polymers will introduce demonstration of its new range on its booth.

Stand A12

2 Nov 2011


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