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Structural composite bonders

News International-French

21 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Huntsman continues to develop innovative products and services and will present them during JEC 2013.

Araldite® composite bonders maximize the potential of high-end composite structures:

  • Adhesive bonding facilitates the equal distribution of strain and stress across a joint, which makes it an ideal technique for joining composite-material structures.
  • Epoxy adhesives combining high toughness with lap shear strengths greater than 35 MPa on composite parts are now available and have already been successful in numerous challenging applications.
  • Araldite® AW 4858 / hardener HW 4858 shows high strength properties. It is ideal for bonding composites to composites or to dissimilar materials, and also exhibits high toughness and long-term durability, maintaining high bond strength even under harsh environmental conditions.
  • Araldite® AW 4859 / hardener HW 4859, which also shows high strength and toughness, is ideal to bond structures for use in environments exposed to temperatures far higher than 80°C during their work-life, for example in applications for racing cars, aerospace or transportation in general.


Huntsman also highlights fast-curing methacrylate-based adhesives Araldite® 2047-1 and Araldite® 2048 designed respectively for composite bonding with limited surface preparation and for the creation of flexible joints (90% elongation at break). These most recent additions are already proving their value in helping customers to find an efficient way of joining dissimilar materials, while their fast cure creates cost savings.

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