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Structural composite bonders

News International-French

19 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Composite bonders, with their ability to maximise the potential of high-end composite structures, are the latest additions to the Araldite range.

With high strength properties, the Araldite AW 4858/hardener HW 4858 adhesive bonds composite to composite and composite structures to dissimilar materials. Tailor-made to support long-term durability, AralditeAW 4858/hardener HW 4858 maintains high bond strength even under harsh environmental conditions.


What makes this epoxy adhesive different is its ability to bond structures to be used in environments exposed to high temperatures during their work-life, for example in applications for racing cars, aerospace or in general transportation. These adhesives are available in cartridges and display lap shear strengths exceeding 35 MPa on composite parts.


Adhesive bonding facilitates the equal distribution of strain and stress across a joint, which makes it an ideal technique for joining composite materials of different constituents. These most recent additions are already proving their value in helping customers to find an efficient way of joining dissimilar materials while creating cost savings.



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