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Struktol Company of America to launch new products

News International-French

16 Apr 2012

Struktol Company of America, a leading global supplier of polymer additives, has introduced several new products

These new additives have been designed to provide greater processing and performance capabilities for compounders, processors, and end users.


Struktol® RP 11 is a unique lubricant package that provides an unmatched combination of viscosity reduction and mold release characteristics for polypropylene-based resins and compounds. Loading levels as low as 0.2% result in increased melt flow and allow for significant improvements in mold filling and release. Processors using Struktol® RP 11 will benefit from the versatility provided by Struktol’s newest addition to its Intelligent Additive Solution line, allowing greater use of regrind or recycled content without sacrificing certain properties or performance. Struktol® RP 11 is the ideal replacement for peroxide modifiers and internal or external mold releases.


Struktol will also introduce Struktol® RP 17, a combination lubricant and odor neutralizing mask. Originally designed for reducing/eliminating compounding and end-product odors in wood-filled plastic compounds, the product has been modified for use in a variety of polymer resins and compounds that require the multi-functionality of lubrication, mold release, and odor reduction. RP 17 can be used in recycled applications as well as automotive interior compounds where neutral odor may be a requirement.


The company also launched Struktol® TR 451, a unique combination product designed to improve the incorporation of fillers into polyolefin compounds. The additive also provides significant viscosity reduction, mold release, and consistent processing. Studies show that adding Struktol® TR 451 to highly filled calcium carbonate-polypropylene compounds allow for higher filler loadings without sacrificing processability or performance. Alternatively, compounders using treated fillers may be able to substitute untreated fillers in combination with Struktol® TR 451 to cut cost and realize performance benefits.