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Styrene free, a la Carte

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5 Oct 2011

DSM registers new "industry first" with full range of Atlac® Premium styrene-free resins. This range is suitable for 50% of all conventional UPR applications.

DSM, the global life sciences and materials sciences company, recentley extended its commitment to innovation and sustainable investment in the composite industry with the launch of the industry’s first full range of zero-styrene resins.



The resins, which are suitable for a variety of market applications, possess excellent resistance to many chemicals and emit close to zero emissions when used. Some of the products, developed specifically for food contact applications, have the added benefit of being made in line with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.



The product launch comes at a time when the use of styrene is coming under scrutiny. Having been listed by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) as “reasonably anticipated to be human carcinogenic” in the summer, and with a renewed discussion on a potential CMR 1b listing of styrene in Europe, customers and end users in resin value chains have increasingly begun exploring styrene free alternatives.



DSM believes that the processing of styrene-containing resins is safe provided worker exposure level is well below the limits accepted in the industry. In many cases this can be achieved by proper workshop ventilation and use of the appropriate personal protective equipment.



Nevertheless, DSM also believes that the composite industry, while taking every effort to ensure that workshop emissions are minimized, should also develop alternatives that are genuinely sustainable.



“This is the first full styrene-free product range that is available for a variety of applications and enduse markets. It will allow manufacturers of composite parts to make highly durable and light weight components, while helping their customers to design systems with added value while taking care of the environment and their workers wellbeing,” said Michael Effing, President DSM Composite Resins.



“We believe that with this complete styrene-free product range, at least 50 % of conventional UPR applications can be served” said Wilfrid Gambade, Business Director DSM Composite Resins. For process operators, it is essential to maintain end-product quality in order to reduce any risk of compromise to plant performance and avoid any risk of product recall. “Our new Atlac® Premium styrene-free resins will enable them to do this, delivering beneficial impact to the environment and helping future-proof major capital investments”



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