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Successful application of Longtech vacuum insulation panel

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25 Oct 2012

The company sleeve type pipe technology has been declared a national invention patent


Qingdao Longtech Equipment Co., Ltd is located at the foot of the Laoshan Mountain, Shandong Province.


Longtech is famous for its professional development and production of continuous winding GRP pipe equipment and related products. It has a strong research and development strength. Company has committed to the composite material winding new technology development and applications.


Continuous winding GRP pipe production line is Longtech patented technology products which occupy the domestic leading and international advanced level. Its sleeve type pipe technology has been declared a national invention patent.


It is not only the first of this kind of technology in China, but also created a international leading technology level. The equipments and products have been sold at home and abroad, the market potential is tremendous.


According to their website, continuous filament winding line is one kind continuous winding automatic production line is made up of winding-feeding-solidify-holding-anti-distortion-cutting and unloading.


This line with features as blew: high technology, high automatic level, high efficiency and more specifications. This continuous winding technology is the most advanced in the world and held one part in domestic. GRP continuous wingding production line is made by Longtech, which hold totally independency knowledge property rights.


Continuous winding technology is used for GRP pipes/tank’s production and mainly do one glass fiber mixture layer to one moving steel belt mould. The mould made by one continuous steel belt winding on one horizontal mandrel and another inner layer film winding on mould.


Then the resin mixture (direct yarn, cutting yarn, quartz sand and polyester etc.) will spray on mould well-proportioned and last surface yarn winding and solidify, then cutting on line and surface planning finished.


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