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Sulzer Mixpac presents new two-component mixing systems and new coating systems

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19 Feb 2013

Sulzer Mixpac AG will be in attendance at this year's JEC Europe trade show. Visitors will be able to find out all they need to know about the company's two-component mixing and coating systems. The technology leader in the segment for two-component dispensing systems will also be showcasing its comprehensive new service program for developers of multi-component materials.

Optimizing the impact of multi-component materials such as two-component adhesives and sealants depends on a number of factors. Ultimately, the two most critical issues are a precisely defined and reproducible mixing ratio and dispensing systems that possess the right properties. Sulzer Mixpac recently began offering its customers the chance to significantly shorten their time to market when developing both new dispensing equipment and materials made from two or more components. To deliver this service, a team of the company's experts tests and optimizes every single work step – from the ideal properties of the chosen dispenser to the optimal viscosity of the substances used – in its ultra-modern laboratories.

"We ourselves already benefit from the extensive product tests we conduct in house. Visitors to JEC Europe can see the results for themselves. And at this year's JEC, Sulzer Mixpac will for the first time unveil its MIXPAC™ T-Mixer technology to a trade audience. The new technology was developed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations which, for certain materials, can be used to achieve a far more effective mixing ratio with less material losses," explains Roman Thönig, head of the company's Industry Business Segment. "We now want to make such tests available to our customers too, to assist them from an early stage of product development."

At this year's JEC, Sulzer Mixpac AG will also be presenting its two-component coating systems "Sulzer MixCoat™ Spray" and "Sulzer MixCoat™ Flex". Used in conjunction with a new spray technology, these systems have the potential to slash costs by cutting work time, reducing material losses, guaranteeing clean storage and ensuring reproducible coating outcomes. The systems are especially useful for accessing difficult-to-reach areas in the anti-corrosion coating of ships, pipelines and other steel constructions.

"We are the technology leader for two-component mixing systems in the adhesives and sealants segment, so being at JEC Europe 2013 – where a who's who of the industry will be lined up – is a must," says Marc Haller, head of Marketing & Sales at Sulzer Mixpac AG. "A presence here is especially important in a year in which, alongside our protective coating systems, we will for the first time also introduce the adhesives and sealants market to new services that will let customers develop two-component dispensing systems faster and at lower cost."

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