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Sunbird will build a yacht R&D center in Zhuhai

News International-French

11 Aug 2014

Recently, Sunbird marketing director Guo Yan said, Sunbird will build a yacht R&D center in Zhuhai this year.

They will introduce a number of foreign advanced R&D center to jointly develop and introduce the 3D modular technology. This is the first time for the yacht industry to introduce such R&D capacity in this country.

Guo Yan said that with the application of 3D printing technology, 1/3 yacht manufacturing time can be saved and the manufacturing costs will be reduced by 30% too.

In this regard, Sunbird explained in its interactive platform for investor relations that the company will build yachts module R&D and manufacturing base in the Lianwan bay area. At present, the 3D module technology has not been applied in the manufacture of domestic ship. The successful implementation of Lianwan Bay project will greatly improve the Sunbird efficiency of boat and other craft products manufacturing, further promote the traditional system of yacht production mode change, and improve the technology content of products.

According to Sunbird 2013 annual report, the company achieved sales of 680 million Yuan (US$ 113.33 million), an increase of 17.22% year-over-year and a net profit of about 500 million (US$ 83.33 million), an increase of 19.95% year-over-year.

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